The Study of Developmental Theories - WORKBOOK LESSONS B401 – B405 | taught by Renee VanDuvall Anderson

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Workbook Lessons in Module B will focus on “Nature’s” theoretical studies by Erik Erikson, Sigmund Freud, Abraham Maslow, John Bowlby. In addition, Dr. Doris G. Morgan will introduce her studies from a Faith-Based Biblical perspective on Christian Growth and Development and Developing Love for Self and Others. The format of each Workbook Lesson is designed to help make assessment and diagnosis effortless.

Renee VanDuvall Anderson
Renee VanDuvall Anderson
Faciliator, PFBC&C

A. Renee VanDuvall-Anderson is the Vice President of Operations for Lifebuilder’s Counseling Services, and is well versed in local business laws. She received her PFBC certificate from LCSI and is now a licensed certified Professional Biblical Counselor, operating in the word of God. Renee is the founder and owner of Console Counseling in Los Angeles, California, which was established November 2011. Console Counseling is growing rapidly, with clients contacting her through all sources including social media. She is proud to do what she loves, and is currently facilitating three groups of 6 or more individuals through the Biblical guide through the twelve steps, which allows individuals to see themselves having the ability to be transformed. These groups enable participants to reflect on their own behavior and learn how to see themselves in a positive way, enabling them to affect others in the same way.

Renee possesses a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration, and while studying to become a Professional Biblical Counselor, Renee managed more than 70 people, and served over 25 years at the United States Federal Courts in Los Angeles. She has been married for over 32 years with five children, two grandchildren and two great grandchildren, and is proud to say that all of her children are college graduates and are outstanding adults. Her husband plays a key role in her success giving his full support of the counseling ministry. For questions, I can be reached at or (213) 200-2852 during office hours.

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